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Why host on coliberty??

coliberty is not just accommodation. Hotel, Hostel, guesthouse, etc can get remote workers & business man by coliberty features. They might be long stays in your accommodation with work, community and, you can get great people & great value of money.

Benefits to Property Owners

Access to a new market segment. As a tenant, you and your asset will have direct access to traveling remote workers and, will get earn.

How it works


STEP 1 ”Creat your list”

It’s free and easy to create a list on coliberty. Describe your house, how many workers you can accommodate, and add photos and details. You can charge price always up to you.


STEP 2 ”Arrived Workers”

Get to know workers before arrival by messaging them on our platform. Hosts provide the house for worker can use.


STEP 3 ”Get paid”

Workers are charged before arrival, and you’ve accrued up until the end of the month after check in, minus a 10% service fee. coliberty will deposit your earnings into via PayPal, direct deposit, or international money wire, among other ways at the end of the following month..

Remote workers need to...

For Programmer, System engineer, Artists, Designers, Creators, Photographer, Filmmaker, Illustrator, Writer, Translator, …etc as Remote workers & Business man, Freelancer, all of Company.

  • Private room, Dormitory, Entire Place by Accommodation
  • Weekly discount, Monthly discount for longer stays
  • Coworking space or Coworking spot for work
  • WiFi, Power supply, Table, Chair, Sofa, …etc for work
  • Connect people, Community for business
  • Activities, Party for communication

Change from Tourists to Remote workers

New Life & Work style

Many people changing from old life & work style to new one with IT and more..!

Global business

When remote worker increases, you can join in the business spread in all over the world.

Global Community

A host and guest of coliberty will be a global community and can share various information.


Up to Value your accommodation with coliberty by add your list!

It’s free and easy to create a list on coliberty.

Make community your accommodation with coliberty by add your list!

It’s free and easy to create a list on coliberty.


What kind of spaces can join coliberty?

We call them “coliberty house”. They are places to stay & work, and make business, community. They can be accommodation, coworking spaces, It can join Hotel, Hostel, Guesthouse, etc and, all shaping the new way of creating value.

Can I manage a space and be a coliberty?

Yes, of course! There is no double entry when you are a space manager and a Coliberty - it means that your personal profile is directly linked to your space! Hence you can use your personal Coliberty account to travel and visit new spaces normally, without creating a new account to manage your own space!

Can I manage several spaces?

Yes, of course! You don’t have to create another account to manage another space - only one account is required! Once you are logged to Coliberty, simply click on button “Add list” and follow the registration steps. Just make sure you check a Coliberty in the right space during the check in!

How much does it cost to be on coliberty?

Using coliberty and listing your space to the network is free. We apply a 10% fee on transactions to cover our operating fees. No additional or hidden fees are taken. Because we make it super easy for you to welcome Workers from around the world.

When do I get paid?

You are automatically paid at the end of each month for all the checkins made during the month. The money is sent to the account number you provided on your space edit section! Make sure you got them right!

Why should I offer discounted daily rates to Workers?

Workers can long stay by discounted fees. You also give your workers the chance to benefit from discounted fees when they’re moving around.